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Yok Don National Park (YDNP) is located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and occupies 3 districts:
    - Krong Na commune-district  Buon Don ,
    - Ea Soup  (province  of Dak Lak )
    - Ea Po District  Cu Jut  (province  of Dak Nong ).

The entrance to the park is about 40km (1 hour drive) northwest of   Buon Ma Thuot  city and is easily accessable to tourists by bus (20,000 dong) or Taxi (~$30).

The concept of Yok Don National Park to protect 58,200 hectares of  dipterocarp forest  lowland ecosystems was born on  October 29  of  1991, under decision No. 352/CT by the President of the Council of Ministers Vietnam.  Yok Don National Park was then formalised by decision 301/TCLD on  June 24  of  1992  by the Ministry of Forestry. Ten years later,  the Prime Minister of Vietnam isued decision of 39/2002/QD-TTg on March 18 2002 to expand the boundaries of Yok Don National Park to encompass the total area of 115 545 ha .
Geographic Coordinates 12 ° 45 'to 13 ° 10' north latitude and 107 ° 29'30 "to 107 ° 48'30" east longitude.

YDNP consists of 3 management areas as follows:
    - 80,947 ha dedicated as strict protection area. No activities are permitted in this area.
    - 30 426 ha is protected as Ecological Restoration Zones and sub-zones, some anthorpogenic activities including ecotourism are permitted.
    - 4,172 ha  is for  administrative services.

In addition  an area of ​​133 890 ha is also dedicated as Buffer Zone around the park  boundary to ensure edge effects from development are controlled via participatory resource use planning.

The Srepok River traverses the park, and two small mountains also characterise the landscape . Of all Vietnam’s National Parks, YDNP is the largest and contains the highest percentage of protected species.  The deciduous dipterocarp forest is dominant and  is typical for south East Asia. YDNP is the only National Park in Vietnam that protects dipterocarp forest type

YDNP is bound to the West by the Vietnam-Cambodia border, East to the junction of Provincial Highway 1A from Chu M'Lanh to  Ban Don , Srepok River upstream to the adjacent Cu Jut district boundaries;  North by the provincial road from junction 1A through border posts Chu M'Lanh 2 to the border of Vietnam and Cambodia and to the south by Cu Jut district and crosses at Km 22 +500 6B, 6B way to Dak Dam stream bordering Vietnam-Cambodia border.