Places of interest

Yok Don Mountain

Yok Don is a big mountain here. It is considered to be a good symbol and its name is used to name the national park. In M’Nong language (M’Nong is an indigenous ethnic minority here), Yok means mountain and Don means hill. Therefore, Yok Don means a high mountain made from hills.  The mountain is at 482 m height. It is surrounded by a combination of tropical evergreen forests and dry deciduous dipterocarp forests.

Local residents say that Yok Don is very mysterious. If you have ill intention before climbing the mountain such as illegal logging or wildlife hunting, you will get lost and cannot go back.

You can join our tour to conquer this mountain and enjoy the stunning scenery from the mountain.

Buddha Waterfall

According to local people, it was so long ago that they did not even remember the exact time, their grandparents saw a few monks on their way to go preaching. They set up tents on the riverbank near a waterfall to wait and make rafts to cross the river. Therefore, the place is called Buddha Waterfall.

Seven-branch rapids

Seven-branch rapids are an ideal tourist attraction. That is the only place where Srepok river splits into seven branches creating a beautiful view.

Dak Lau, Dak te and Dak Ken Stream

These are natural streams meandering the forests. In the dry season, the water is so transparent that you can see yourself mirrored in the water. You can come here to have a swim, go fishing or simply get some rest near the water.

Drang Phok Lake

Lake of Drang Phok village is the most beautiful lake in Yok Don National Park with the water surfaced area  of 40km2. The lake is surrounded by magnificent Chu Minh mountain range. The water of the lake stems from natural streams nearby. This is one of the lakes that have the most beautiful view and play an important role in water irrigation of Drang Phok village.

Jang Lanh Villange, Drang Phok Village, Don Village

These are well-established villages in the buffer zone of Yok Don National Park. Ethnic minorities here are mainly Ede, M’Nong, Laos, Tay, Muong, etc. This creates an area of diverse cultures. Each group has their own rituals and tranditions.

You are welcome at Yok Don to discover the beautiful ethnic minority culture in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and to join traditional festivals of indigenous peoples here.